Starsector mods

This mod includes a massive amount of new ships, weapons and other content, is fully compatible with GraphicsLib with shader maps and other content, and integrated with Nexerelin. .

4+ new systems: Coruscant Prime, Chandrila system, Kamino. 12rc1 (2022/01/16) This mod adds 20+ unique bounties to the Magic Bounty boards. - Quickly switch between mod versions. in need sfx? on July 20, 2024, 12:53:10 PM Tools, guides, and other resources Adds 5,945 thematically-appropriate names to Starsector for the game to use when generating procedural content: 2,925 names for NPCs (i captains and officers), and 3,020 names for stellar objects (i stars, planets, and moons) If you want to see more variety in your star-faring adventures, then this mod is for you! 1. View mod page; View image gallery; Nexerelin Uploaded: 23 Feb 2019. Scan Those Gates can be safely removed from an active game by running the console command "RemoveScanThoseGates", saving the game, and then removing the mod. And while most of this capital has been directed toward Brazil and Mexico, this surge is starting. Make sure this mod is enabled 4.

Starsector mods

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KingAlfonzo: Helped write some of the interactions in Relics of the Past. Feb 2, 2024 · To install the mod, simply download the. Starship Legends adds more personality and variety to ships, their crew, your officers, and NPC fleets using a trait/quirk system. This can NOT be added to ongoing games - and it will break saves if removed.

Features: - Join the Roider Union, an alliance of asteroid miners. Adds the SRA to Starsector, a faction of curvilinear, organic looking ships with a focus on mobility. However, if you’re looking to take your TRD Tacoma to the next level, aftermarke. 97a] Ruthless Sector 12 - High Risk, High Reward Difficulty Options.

Choose your faction (or establish your own) and dominate the Sector! Jan 26, 2023 · This mod color-codes the natural resource icons that appear on the map and ship. It adds multiple expansions, each filled with unique content and new features for the game. ….

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To install, simply download the. Find your starsector root directory (by default it's likely C:/program files (x86)/Fractal Softworks/Starsector and find the folder named mods The best place to find specific mods for the game is the Fractal Softworks Official Forums. Nexerelin. Image via Histidine. Locked and Loaded - a Magic Bounty pack 0.

This post is intended as a list of all compatible mods with downloads available. Feb 2, 2024 · If you are looking for mods for earlier versions of Starsector, angrytigerp has kindly put together a list here.

weather shelby nc Astral Ascensions is a mod that uncaps colony sizes and provides end-game bonuses for the development of your colonies. Starsector > Mods > [0. marketplace clinton mocarson trailer beaumont Adds mod prefix to hullmod ids. A military division that specializes in commerce and carries its duties across the Persean Sector. luis salazar (There is an issue still regarding Tech Duinn that removed its military market, I'll be addressing that in the upcoming patches. homes for sale golden corctraderreagent vendor honor hold 96a-RC8] HexShields - Shield Reskin v11. bang bus best Starsector > Mods > [0. Learn how to evaluate medical findings. psalm 91 audio king james versionmichigan lottery archiveharbor freight 3 point quick hitch Browse by popularity, category, date, or media type, and join the largest modding community. 1 (released 2014-08-28) Version 1.